Green Products: Iron Chef Bamboo Steamer

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Here at Go Green Street, we’re always looking for eco-friendly products that you can use every day to help the world go green. If you’ve watched the show Iron Chef, you’ll recognize this one.  It’s the Iron Chef Bamboo Steamer. This is an extremely neat steamer, and what’s best about it is that it’s really eco-friendly!

Iron Chef is an innovative cooking competition from Japan. Originally produced by Fuji TV, Iron Chef combined the excitement of a one on one sports competition with gourmet cooking. The title Iron Chef comes from the original Japanese title, Ironmen of Cooking.The bamboo steamer is made from all natural bamboo with an authentic handmade Chinese design. The double-woven lid allows the steam to hover in the top while the bottom keeps the vegetables from soaking in water. One of the healthiest methods of cooking, steaming allows for the foods natural oils and flavors to be released so that no oils are needed. – Source:

You can use this to cook up your favorite organic vegetables or rice.  Two tiers, and hand washable, you’ll be using it everyday on all sorts of things.  As I previously stated, it’s very eco friendly, and this is due to the materials it’s made of.  Bamboo is a very renewable source, as the plant can re-grow to a harvestable size in just a few years, as opposed to the decades it can take for trees to grow back.

Make sure to check out the Iron Chef Bamboo Steamer if you’re looking for a way to green your cooking.  From using less oil, to being made of renewable resources, you’re sure to be the envy of all your green friends!

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