Green Housing: Old Shipping Containers Become Homes

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SG Block, a company based in South Carolina, is turning those 40 foot steel shipping containers into building units for homes, according to greentechmedia.  Can we say recycling into green homes! Sample homes can be viewed at West Coast Green, which is taking place in San Jose this week!!

Some of these modular homes have already been set up in Oceanside, California.  These homes are ideal for CA because being made of steel, they would stand up to earthquakes quite well.  The plan by SG is to ultimately become a component supplier to the construction industry, supplying blocks to builders, who will in turn make homes out of them.  What’s great about these modular homes is that they can be put up quite rapidly, which will make the energy consumed to make them that much less!  The fact that these are being recylced lowers the carbon footprint of building a new home that much more.

About these green modular homes:

Building in a factory eliminates exposure of wood and other materials to the weather, which reduces the odds of mold blooms or warping. You can also get very tight seals between walls, windows and ceilings, which increases energy efficiency.

The last statement there, is great news.  Many people probably don’t even think that tiny breaks in the seals of their homes can greatly increase energy consumption.  Even leaving the door open to your garage can make it that much harder to heat your home, especially during the winter!!!

Prices on these homes vary greatly.  It can go from as high as $400 a square foot, to $150 a square foot.  Founder David Cross came up with the idea when he was shipping these crates around.  He said that staring at these crates all day makes you think about what you can do with them!  His company currently gets old shipping crates from a friend who is in the salvage industry.  So far, they are a pretty decent success, with Bob Vila being so impressed he began promoting SG Block immediately!!

Would you purchase a modular home made of old shipping crates?

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