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I was on the hunt today for a rug for my living room. WE have bamboo floors and I needed a nice natural rug for my living room. I came across Green Culture, which is an amazing eco company offering many different Eco-Friendly goods for the home.

All of their rugs are designed or manufactured with the planet in mind and all of their eco-friendly rugs are made from recycled materials or come from renewable or sustainable resources.

Many of their rugs are made from Sisal, Wool, Jute, and Bamboo. Bamboo is a natural resource and exhibits excellent durability and is stronger than most hardwoods.Wool is stain resistant, naturally flame retardant, non-toxic and non-allergenic, which makes it a great eco friendly product. Jute is also a very environmentally friendly fiber, which is found in many of their rugs.

Here are some beautiful examples of the Eco Friendly Rug Offerings…

bamboo-rugs-tomeo2_-7390867The Tameo Bamboo Rug is not only beautiful, but it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This beautiful rug is made from 100% Anji Mountain Bamboo, which is a renewable resource approximately ten times stronger than most market wood fibers.

The stripes are really trendy and remind me of natural resources with narrow blonde stripes highlighting deeply finished wide bands bound in a dark brown border

jute-rugs-coraltreecoral2-7571147The Coral Rug is another beautiful one they have that is full of unique artistry. If this rug matched my living room decor, I would order it in a heart beat because I love the natural pattern.

This rug is made with Jute, which is a natural fiber that is both biodegradable and recyclable.

The Binta Rug has the most beautiful natural neutral colors in a very contemporary pattern. This beautiful rug is made with 100% Semi worsted New Zealand Wool.

The rug is available in many different sizes as well and would look amazing with almost any neutral home decor!

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