Green Cleaning: Natural Oven Cleaning DIY Without the Chemicals

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After years and years of using toxic chemicals and being forced to inhale noxious fumes, a lot of people are using safe, natural oven cleaners for a green cleaning solution. These natural solvents are inexpensive, and are usually just as effective and powerful as their chemical counterparts. There are quite a few natural products you can use in place of poisonous, expensive commercial oven cleaners, and we’ll discuss them here.

Baking soda (also known as sodium bicarbonate) is a common ingredient in natural cleaners. Being slightly alkaline, it can neutralize acids and begin to break down proteins. Of course it can clean, deodorize and remove caked-on food and grease, too. Baking soda can also absorb spills in the oven- once it has cooled off, you should be able to scoop up the baking soda and take the spilled substance right along with it.

If you have an oven cleaning job that’s a bit tougher but you still want to keep it natural, you should mix equal parts water, salt and baking soda to form a thick paste. Spread the paste all over the inside of your oven, close the door and heat the oven to 500° for an hour. After that, use a moist sponge or cloth to wipe away the grease and grime and rinse with water. You can also use vinegar to clean your oven- it’s a mild acid, so it’s a good grease remover. Vinegar is non-toxic and won’t leave a residue. Use it by either pouring it on the oven floor or by leaving an open container of vinegar in your oven for a few hours.

The best and most natural way to keep your oven clean is to keep it from getting so dirty to begin with. However, if you find yourself with a greasy oven, you can use these natural cleaners to get it clean without harming the environment.

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