Green Cleaning- 3 Easy Eco-Friendly Deep Cleaning Tips

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green_cleaning-240x300-8034727Realizing that not all your cool modern cleaning methods are good for your health or your family’s health? Tired of having to clean the shower because you don’t want your kids breathing in the chemicals? Want to make some changes to more eco-friendly cleaning methods, but aren’t sure of where to start?

There are many valid reasons to switch over to greener cleaning methods. Twenty years ago, going green meant a lot more work, but not anymore. Green products and methods have advanced considerably over the last decade, and making changes is easier than ever.

Here are three things, plus a bonus tip, to help you pave your way to fresher, greener cleaning practices:

1. The prices of eco-friendly cleaning products have dropped dramatically over the past couple years. Replace your products with natural, non-toxic cleansers. You don’t have to do it all at once, but when you’re shopping for replacements, look for the green stuff.

If you do replace it all at once, don’t just throw the toxic stuff away or pour it down the drain! Take it out to your dump for hazardous material disposal or find out when your city picks it up.

2. Using damp cloths for dusting, washcloths for dishes and counters, reusable mops, etc. Yes, they’ve all gotten a bad rap and the disposable stuff is easy. However, these easy disposable things have toxins, aren’t always biodegradable, and create more trash. And no, your cloths won’t be germ receptacles. Germs die quickly and you can wash them (in cold water and hang them to dry).

3. Baking soda is super green. It can be used not only to cook with, but as a cleanser, odor eliminator, used as toothpaste, and more. Plus, it’s cheap.

Bonus: Look for professional cleaners that use green cleaning methods. So, if you’re in say Minneapolis and need a carpet cleaner, look for carpet cleaners in Minneapolis; that advertise eco-friendly products and methods.

You can stop living with all the chemicals and toxins. Eliminate them easily from your air, your countertops, your carpets, and your life. And have fun with it!

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