Green Building: See the Nation’s Top Eco-Friendly House

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Arbor South Architecture’s, creators of the Sage (eco-friendly built home) can sit in awe today, as the Sage is now the nations most eco-friendly home! This beautiful sustainable built home is located in Eugene, Oregon. The U.S. Green Building Council certified 1,300 houses this year and the council selected the house, as the No. 1 “Outstanding Single Family Project.” The eco-friendly home was the first built LEED Platinum home in Eugene, Oregon.

The eco home is what sustainable design and green building is all about!  Green building generally sacrifices comfort for technology, but not this green built home! This beautiful green home has two bedrooms and two bathrooms and is 1,447 square feet. Of all green houses I have saw over the years, this house is by far not only the greenest but the most comfortable looking as well.

What makes The Sage such a green home?

  • Advanced double 2×4 framed walls w/ foam insulation.
  • Efficient low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets.
  • High-efficiency windows for natural light.
  • Accent siding reclaimed from Cuthbert Amphitheater.
  • Solar water heating.
  • High efficiency electrical heat pump.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Zero VOC paints throughout the house.
  • Reclaimed wood flooring.
  • And more!

To get the highest rating from LEED — platinum — the Arbor South home needed to score 90. The Sage hit 110, one of the highest residential scores on record. According to The Register Guard, The Sage outscored the Oakland, Calif., home of the founder of the U.S. Green Building Council.

“I’ve seen a lot of photos and renderings of new green homes and not so many are memorable — but The Sage home stuck out,” claimed Matt Hickman, a green-home blogger with the Mother Nature Network.

All photos: © Mike Dean Photography.

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