Green Airline Claims: How Can an Airline Be Green?

by admin

It is a question I am asking myself after learning that Southwest Airlines is advertising a new eco-friendly plane. The airline claims to have a “green plane,” an innovative idea that marries efficiency, environmentally responsible products, comfort, and reduced waste and weight. Can this fleet really remove or reduce airplane-originated pollution? I can not help but to wonder if this new eco-friendly plane can even reduce hazardous and toxic air emissions by a mere 2%.

eco-friendly-plane-150x150-9870854Southwest has designated one aircraft to serve as a test for eco-friendly products, which include: InterfaceFLOR carpet, seat covers, life vest pouch, foam fill and passenger seat rub strips.

“Southwest is proud to lead the aviation industry in environmental stewardship and honored to be working with these eco-friendly vendors and our partners at Boeing,” Kelly says. “We are excited to test their forward-thinking products and expect these green products to not only help the environment, but also create a fuel and materials cost saving for Southwest.”

Aviation is responsible for about 3 percent of overall carbon dioxide emissions in the United States, and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration expects domestic aircraft emissions to rise 60 percent by 2025

While I think it is great Southwest is testing eco-friendly building materials, I think this may just be another greenwashing attempt. There is nothing eco-friendly about the 9,000 lbs of fuel burned per hour of flight-time during flying.

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