Green affordable housing gets $4 billion

by admin

Over the next five years, Enterprise Community Partners plans on giving up $4 billion to build new affordable housing that’s green. One of the largest private investments ever in green affordable housing, this commitment will accelerate change in the affordable housing industry and create significant positive impact in the lives of low-income individuals and families across the country. This investment can build or renovate 75,000 homes and apartments.

Green affordable homes offer significant health, economic and environmental benefits to residents by addressing energy efficiency, water conservation, use of healthy materials, high-quality indoor air and location of affordable housing. Based on years of research, Enterprise released Incremental Cost, Measurable Savings: Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, Enterprise Green Communities Criteria, the only comprehensive green building framework for affordable housing.

You an learn moe about the green housing efforts here. Lessons learned from properties built to the Enterprise Green Communities Criteria are summarized in our first-of-its-kind report: Incremental Cost, Measurable Savings: Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

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