Great Green Finds Blog Carnival #9

by admin

blog-carnival-150x150-3869235Welcome to this weeks edition of Green Green Finds Blog Carnival! Enjoy the following collection of great green sites/blogs and always, make sure to share what you enjoy!

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Upcycled Craft Projects

Becky presents Crafty Reuse: Four Project for Paper Scraps posted at Crafting a Green World, saying “Paper accounts for over 40% of the trash we produce here in the U.S. That is a crazy amount of waste! Rather than tossing junk mail, newspaper, or any other paper scraps into the trash or recycle bin, you might consider giving those materials a brand new life with one of these fun tutorials.”

Lisa F presents Paper Crafts: Recycled Pencil holder posted at Crafts Unleashed.

Natural Beauty

Julia Brandon presents Tried & Tested – Oskia Nutri-Active Day Cream posted at Clean Green Beauty, saying, “A very effective organic anti-ageing skincare range”

Green Living

Heather Levin presents 5 Awesome Eco Gifts for Mother?s Day posted at Earthdivas’s Blog, saying, “Want some fair trade/eco-friendly gift ideas for Mother’s Day? I’ve got five great picks!”

Frugal Pursuit presents Using greener cleaners posted at Frugal Pursuit, saying, “One area that I am inexorably replacing commercial items with simpler, greener ones is my cleaning products.”

Rod presents Solar Power Economics: the costs and benefits of residential solar power posted at Solar Panel Electricity, saying, “We take a look at the costs and economic benefits of installing a residential solar power system, to see if it makes financial sense. Because no matter how appealing solar energy is from an environmental point of view, it will never be widely adopted unless it’s economically viable.”

Jourdan presents Win With the Best Green Claim! posted at People for Green Justice, saying, “Submit the winning claim and I’ll send you a Seventh Generation starter kit!”

Organic Eating Daily presents Eating Organic on a Budget posted at Organic Eating, saying, “How to eat organic foods without breaking the bank”

Earth Hour

Julian Pollock presents Show Our Environmental Solidarity on Earth Hour posted at Chandelier-Mall Blog, saying, “This includes a reminder list of ways to reduce the climate change – co-ordinated for the Earth Hour event of last Saturday 27th March. I really think initiatives like this are worth promoting and supporting.”

Natural Health

Linda@NHE presents Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass Review posted at Natural Health Ezine, saying, “This nice tea glass is a great green alternative to starbucks cups or disposable water bottles every day!”

Karen Eisenbraun presents 10-Minute Vegetarian: A Vegan Diet Can Help Improve Blood Sugar Control posted at Healthy Theory.

hat concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of great green finds blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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