Great Green Finds Blog Carnival #6

by admin


Welcome to this weeks edition of Green Green Finds Blog Carnival! I hope everyone is having a great green New Year! As always, don’t forge to Stumble any posts you like or share them on your social networks!

{Healthy Food}

Simple Good and Tasty presents,  A Guide to Buying Organic Food.

Elana presents, Molasses Spice Cookies posted at Elanas Pantry.

{Green Living}

Mrs Green presents Does choice lead to happiness? posted at Little Green Blog» Little Green Blog, saying, “Sometimes we need to stop and look at our consumer choices; this is especially important if we’re trying to lead a green life. Less is more as they say! In a fast paced world with everything we want and need at our fingertips, I’ve been thinking about choice. Is choice really a good thing? I decided that too much choice delivers paralysis rather than liberation and our disappointment increases as a result of this; but I’d love to hear your thoughts!”

Mark Donovan presents Inexpensive Green Home Improvement Ideas posted at HomeAdditionPlus.

Jess Lundie presents Changing Defaults for Sustainability posted at Openly Balanced.

Recycle your Day presents, 5 Ways to Reuse a Mylar Balloon, saying “I’m not fond of them because they don’t break down easily. Which as you know is bad for the planet!”. Check out the 5 ways she came up with to reuse them!

{Green Home}

GreenLifeSmartLife presents Single Coat, Zero VOC Floor Finish, saying “Monocoat all-natural oil wood floor finishes are plant-based, VOC-free and completely non-toxic oil finishes of extraordinary durability.”

Linda Kincaid presents, Unsafe Levels of Formaldehyde in New Homes, posted at Green Building Elements, saying “Today the California Air Resources Board (CARB) released a study of indoor air quality in new homes.  The report found that new homes have too little ventilation and too much formaldehyde.”

{Green News}

Megan presents Power Playing Major Role in Haiti Relief posted at ecogeek.

Bridgette presents,  Space-age Solar Powered Pod House Unveiled!, posted at Inhabitat, saying “The MercuryHouseOne is a mobile lounge powered by solar panels and decked out with all the latest and greatest sound equipment and lighting”.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of great green finds blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Submissions are due by January 29 @ 12PM  for the next addition.

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