GOLD certified LEED® for Homes Project: LEED-H Gold

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Green Life Smart Life (GLSL)  announced its official rating by the US Green Building Council as a GOLD certified LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design; green building certification system) for Homes Project. The 4529 sq/ft home scored 92.5 out of 136 points. The home is the first LEED-H Gold home in RI and only the second completed LEED-H project in the entire state. (learn more about green building)

Achieving a Home Energy Rating System of 58, the home has 42 percent better energy efficiency than an average home. This was achieved through building design, sprayfoam insulation, composite roofing, ENERGY STAR® HurricaneShield windows from Pella, a five-zone renewable energy geothermal system for heating and cooling, and a whole house Lutron lighting control system with over 70 LED recessed lights.

“When we embarked on this project we believed green living and a tech lifestyle could exist, what we found was that technology helped us be more energy efficient, more connected and smarter in the way we designed, built and will live in our home,” said homeowner Kimberly Hageman. “We want to be able to entertain, so from the wine cellar to digital pictures, our system had to be a part of our lives, but our energy had to be managed efficiently too. Knowing how much energy we consume means we make smarter choices.”

Extremely conscious about waste management on site, the project diverted 87 percent of their construction debris from the waste stream, accumulating a mere 1.2 pounds of waste for every square foot of the home. A result of attentive planning and accurate material ordering, there was 75% less waste produced than that of an average construction project. In partnership with local installer Robert Saglio Audio Video, the home included a sophisticated wiring design which achieved the TechHome Rating System Platinum rating and first Green rating, by reducing wiring needs by more than 50 percent through a centralized entertainment equipment room.

Highlights aside, the points achieved by LEED-H category were: (see more LEED points)

  • Innovation in Design — 9 points
  • Location and Linkages — 7 points
  • Sustainable Sites — 16.5 points
  • Water Efficiency — 12 points
  • Energy and Atmosphere: 21.5 points
  • Indoor Environmental Quality — 13 points
  • Awareness and Education – 2 points

View more photos of the green home!

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