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waterlesscarwash3-3875696The car wash industry is a multi-billion dollar game, and for good reason – we love our cars, and we value our time. The trick is in keeping your car clean the environmentally friendly way.

There are more cars on the road today than ever before, and that makes for a massive car wash and car detailing industry. The fact is that all of these cars need to be kept clean. This isn’t just a result of the need to live up to societal norms, or to outdo the Jones family with a “my car is cleaner than yours” statement, it’s also an economical consideration. By keeping our cars clean we’re helping to extend their longevity; a regularly cleaned and polished car will look newer for longer, both inside and out.

Having a need for a clean car is one thing, but how are we supposed to find time for washing the car on the weekend anymore? It’s hard enough to find enough hours in the day to cook a decent meal, let alone fulfilling some of our needs further up on Maslow’s hierarchy. However, if we view this need for clean cars in the context of our time-poor lives then we arrive at a relatively simple conclusion – we need the help of professional car cleaners.

So we know we need help, but where do we turn to? There seems to be a plurality of choice when it comes to car washing services, but in reality they can be separated into two primary segments: fixed location and mobile services. There are plenty of positives about some fixed location services – they can be drive through operations where you don’t have to get out of your car, dual car wash and coffee shop outfits where you can pick up a tasty latte, and heck they even have bikini car washes for the lads (sorry ladies). However, despite the positives, there are still a couple of problems with some of these outfits – it takes time to get the car washed (travel, queue, & procedure), they can use a lot of water and power which increases our eco footprint, and they usually don’t involve an interior clean, so the car is still half dirty!

This leaves us with the mobile services option as the preferred solution. One of the great things about these types of services is that they come to you, and this solves the time-poor dilemma; you don’t have to organize your busy schedule around a trip to the car wash. You can put your feet up and relax, or get on with work in the office, while the professional does the job of rejuvenating your car.

The other great side to the mobile car detailing story is that they can offer a very environmentally friendly solution. There’s been a lot of buzz recently about ‘waterless car washing’, and sometimes for good reason: the process can save a lot of water, it can help stop runoff from entering the natural waterways, and it’s convenient because it can be done inside the garage or showroom. However, it’s also important to be aware of a couple of the potential issues: although some waterless products are made from natural plant derivatives others are laden with chemicals, and there’s often a need for a pre-rinse if the car is very dirty. In fact, if the car is coated in sand or mud then trying to wash it with a waterless product will only smear the grit and dirt around, which could render your vehicle prone to scratching.

So where does this leave us?

The best solution is to find a mobile car detailing provider that can adapt their service to your individual requirements. This means that if you want a waterless car wash that brings the environmental benefits, then they can provide it, and if your car requires a pre-rinse, then they have the equipment on hand to perform it. Therefore, the provider needs to carry their own power and water.

From all of this we can draw the following conclusion: it’s possible to keep your car clean in an environmentally friendly way, it saves you heaps of time, and it’s not all that tricky after all – you just need to use the right provider.

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