Freschetta Pizza Topped With Organic Tomatoes {Review & Giveaway}

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Freschetta. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a pizza lover and so are my children. At least ever other week I make home-made pizzas topped with fresh ingredients for a quick meal. I have never been big on frozen pizzas, maybe because I have never found a brand my family really enjoyed. So, when I was offer the opportunity to try the Freschetta Pizzas I was sure the pizza would be like the others we have had in the past. Plain pizza sauce, greasy toppings, skimpy cheese, and soggy crust.

When my coupons arrived for my pizzas, I really wanted to try the Freschetta FlatBread , but was unable to find it in our itty-bitty town. I was able to find the Naturally Rising and Brick Oven, so decided to try one of each in cheese. The Pizzas were $6.99 each, which is cheaper than I can make pizza for and cheaper than any pizza delivery.

I like to garnish my pizzas with fresh veggies and planned to cook these with fresh organic tomatoes I picked up at the farmers market a few days ago. Since I have always been a fan on thin crust pizzas we decided to cook the Brick Oven Pizza first. This square shaped pizza was garnished with mozzarella, asiago, fontina, parmesan and provolone all-natural cheese (which shocked me, as most frozen pizzas are skimpy on the cheese) and a crust that was not to thin and not to thick.

Not only have I never tried Freschetta Pizza before, I have never tried asiago, fontina or parmesan on a pizza!

The pizza fit pretty well on my seasoned Pizza stone and I sliced a tomato and garnished half of the pizza, leaving the other half just plain cheese for my youngest. It looked yummy, before I even cooked it! My kids actually sat in the kitchen while the pizza cooked, when NEVER happens! I normally have to round everyone up at dinner time, but not this nite. Maybe it was the fact we were having a kids favorite or perhaps the aroma that filled the air in my home of Pizza!

It took my oven 3 minutes to pre-heat to 400 and then 17 minutes for the pizza to cook. So, in 30 minutes we had a quick meal that was smelling my entire home up like an Italian restaurant!

While the pizza was cooking I prepared a fresh salad, as there is nothing any better to enjoy with pizza than a salad topped with Italian dressing! The pizza was cooked right as I finished preparing the salads.

The cooked pizza (shown to the left) not only smelled delicious but looked just as good! I allowed the pizza to set for a few minutes and then cut the pizza into 12 square slices.

I put 2 pieces on each child’s plate with their salad and went to prepare mine and my oldest sons. When I turned around to check on everyone, all I saw was salad on plates and pizza covered kid lips! Holy cow, my kids devoured the pizza in record time! (so much for getting pics of the little ones).

I asked everyone how they liked their pizza and my 4 year old told me “Mommy, your a good pizza cook”. How funny, she had no clue it was a frozen pizza from a box!

As for my oldest (shown to the right), I guess his pictures speak for themselves. He also gobbled up the pizza quickly and said it was “very good”.

As for me, I found the pizza to be delicious! The crust was perfect, not crispy and not to soft. Just perfect! The pizza sauce was very good and the cheese combo I was unsure of, was excellent!

Likewise, the Naturally Rising pizza was just as good! It’s perfect for those who enjoy a thicker crust!

The Freschetta Scoop

If you have never tried a Freschetta pizza, here is a coupon for $1 any pizza and $1 off a Flat Bread Pizza!

Win a FREE Freschetta Pizza

Two lucky readers are going to sample a Freshetta Pizza for free! Each winner will receive a coupon for a free pizza of choice. This is going to be a quick giveaway, as the free pizza coupons expire end of month! So you have 3 days to enter all you can!

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Disclosure: I was provided with 5 coupons for free Freschetta Pizzas. In no way did that effect my review and my opinions are only mine.

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