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If you’ve ever wondered how to calm things in your modern living space, Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) might just be the answer. Originally devised in China, Feng Shui is the detection of the flow of good energy (chi) and bad energy (sha). Commonly referred to as “architectural acupuncture,” many chic, minimalist furniture owners hire a Feng Shui master to spiff up their modern living space. But you don’t need to be a guru to create harmony and balance in your contemporary home. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way.

Rearrange contemporary furniture
Make sure that when you enter your home, none of your fine modern furniture is in the way. A modern furniture sofa should always be facing the front door — within view and at a fair distance — and never cluttering the entrance to any room, which would create stagnant energy. Make sure modern furniture pieces are at least three feet apart from each other, no clutter lies underneath modern furniture. Instead, there should be open space so energy can move freely.

Open space for your modern bedroom furniture
The direction of your modern bed is very important for energy flow. It’s not good to sleep with your head or feet to the door as it can cause disruptive sleep. A chic, mid modern headboard should be placed against the wall (not the window), to instill a sense of security and support. Mirrors in the bedroom are believed to cause bad luck and infidelity so avoid them if you can and never place them opposite the foot of your modern bed. Remove everything from under the modern bed and be sure to keep things in twos (candles, picture frames, pillows, end tables). It might attract a special someone into your life.

Aristocratic abundance with modern dining room furniture
The most ideal contemporary dining room table shapes are a square, round or oval. It is important that the modern dining room table is not too cramped in a space and there is ample room for guests to move around.  A mirror reflecting the modern dining room table is also a great touch, as it will reflect off the table, doubling the delectable feast on the modern dining room table. An added touch is to hang a painting of fruits and food on the wall.

Mirror tricks
With a mirror, you can create a positive illusion that opens up small, cramped spaces, amplifies light and enhances all modern contemporary furniture. Extend tight corners, camouflage sharp angles caused by columns or reflect the water, garden, trees or lake, if you’re home is facing it. Beware of placing the mirrors too low or placing one opposite your front door, which will bring on negative chi.

Light the way
Again, mirrors enhance light and bring great energy into the home. Avoid fluorescent, overhead lighting and choose warm, natural lighting over all modern furniture instead. A crystal chandelier creates great chi, but make sure it doesn’t dangle too low or it will suck the energy out of the room.

Electronic free
Electronics can produce negative chi, due to the electrical field they emanate. Hide them behind a modern entertainment center or cover them up by placing a plant in front of it when not in use. If you have a television in your modern bedroom, it is recommended to cover it at night. Keep all your electronics in one room — like your modern office — as best you can.

Color can foretell your future
Applying the right color in the room is very important. When placing supplies around a contemporary desk, bed, stove, or office, one might use a Bag Gua, a color map that will tell you what each color represents (purple = wealth, blue = career, pink = relationships). In China, the color red brings good luck and good fortune and it’s often used on front doors. Think of a chic, minimalist red lounge chair illuminated by a bright light. A green modern sofa represents freshness and peace and is great for your bedroom.

Hang wind chimes by a window or in the north-west of your modern living room. They bring money, help and support. Crystal products adjust energy flow and fish is symbolic of wealth. Hang artwork at eye level or over a large piece of modern furniture. Anything with blue – aquarium, painting, carpeting — represents water. Water is the essence of chi.

Simplify your office desk
First, position the desk so that it is easy to see the door. Make sure to remove unorganized clutter and sharp objects from the desktop, clear file cabinets (which opens the way for new business) do not place a trashcan under the desk (it signifies that everything on top is trash). For some extra fun, tie three Chinese coins with red ribbon and place them on a piece of modern furniture in the office. Or put a dragon figurine on the right hand of the desk facing the window or door.

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