Enjoy The Beauty Of Nature With 10 Tips To Green Home Décor

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green-home-300x211-1001995There can be little doubt that nature is beautiful and we are all able to appreciate it when we go on walks in the country or see it on various TV shows. The challenge is though that we do not seem to realize that protecting the very nature that we love begins at home. Many homeowners have been recycling materials they use within the home but that is not enough if we want to protect the planet. We need to green-proof our homes and that is nowhere near as expensive or as time consuming as you may think. In fact, you can call upon green home décor to help you in no time at all, as the ten points below will tell you.

Better Air At Home

We all know that pollution is everywhere today. The air we breathe in when we go out is polluted but we take it for granted that the air we breathe in at home is clean. It may not be unless you have natural substances like bamboo, sea grass, sustainable woods like cedar and cypress, and natural materials like alpaca wool at home. This is because mass manufactured carpets, wall coverings and furniture may contain toxic substances like off gases and formaldehyde. Green home décor will purify your home and give your lungs a break.

Let There Be Light

Electric lighting is quick, easy and convenient to use at home but it can also be expensive financially and in terms of the planet. Incandescent bulbs are created in an environment that significantly contributes to the world pollution levels so switching to natural solar lighting or compact fluorescent lighting will reduce your carbon footprint, cost much less financially and help to reduce the level of pollution caused to light your home. It takes a few moments to switch so it is an easy green concession to make.

Choose Trees, Not Heating

Trees can look really elegant in a garden and are often used to frame the boundaries but did you realize that they can also reduce your heating bill and your carbon footprint? Trees can provide a great shield from the elements, keeping a home cool in summer and warm in winter naturally. As such, you can save on your energy bills and help the environment by getting back to nature.

Lounge Around Outdoors

Picture the scene – the sun is shining, the temperature is soaring and you are sitting on your own patio enjoying it. Did you know that this very picture could help the environment? By sitting outside on a patio with a door open, you will have air circulating through your home and have no need for air conditioning. This will save you money, help to ventilate your home and reduce your personal emissions.

Embrace Nature Indoors

Losing warmth through drafts in winter is not desirable for those of us who want to keep our heating bills to a minimum but there are solutions to this problem out there that will help to allow drafts in during the summer months too. For example, adding screens to the windows and doors can afford you an extra level of insulation in winter and provide a cool breeze in summer.

Water, Water Everywhere!

The rain is a magnificent and miraculous thing. It helps plants to grow, bonds soil and promotes life. So why not take advantage of it? Establishing a water tank in your garden would provide you with a means to capture the rain so you literally recycle water without paying for the privilege but can also minimize the water lost, which is good for the environment. Setting up such a system is very green but not at all expensive or difficult.

Choose Sustainable, Not Disposable

Consumer society is disposable by nature. We think we can just buy and throw away without thinking about the consequences. As of now, it is time to consider what we buy and what we dispose of. Investing in more expensive home décor will be cheaper in the long term because it will last much longer, especially if it is sustainable. For outdoor furniture, you should invest in items that will withstand the elements too, such as porch gliders swings. This green home décor is worth every penny.

Nature In Balance

Nature is a wonderful thing and we must protect it by changing our habits, but we should also take inspiration from it. Nature at home can provide a theme for your living areas that promotes peace of mind, relaxation and stress free environments. Choosing warm colors, sustainable woods and natural materials will therefore not only help the environment but also your mental well being.

Get Active In The Revolution

The oil revolution – this is something you may not have necessarily heard of but it is important because it aims to reduce dependency on oil. Choosing sustainable furniture that has not been manufactured with oil will ensure that you do your bit.

Manage Your Footprint

Managing your carbon footprint is a must in every aspect of life today if we want to stop the damage to the environment. By choosing to create your home with green home décor, you are doing your bit and can save money and improve your health too. With a reduced carbon footprint, we can all help to save the world as we know it.

About The Author

Jay Chua is committed to espousing the values of going green as the publisher of PorchSwingSets.com. Currently a resident of Vancouver, Canada with his wife, Deisy, Jay enjoys nature and the outdoors and so wants to offer hints and tips as to how others can make their lives and homes greener so as to preserve and improve the environment for future generations to enjoy. In his spare time, Jay enjoys sitting in his wood garden swing and relaxing or tending to his organic fruit trees. If, after reading this article, you would like more information about green home décor then go to PorchSwingSets.com. With a variety of hammock swings and other sustainable and affordable furniture on offer, you will find something for your home.

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