Energy Efficient Landscaping

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In an effort to conserve more energy my husband and I have started workin on some energy efficient landscaping. Energy efficient landscaping is exactly how it sounds, landscaping designed to conserve energy in a home or residentail building. Over the last few weeks we have began to plant additional trees around our home to help offer more shade to help offset cooling costs. We have also added some new shrubbery around our home to help add a windbreak around our home structure to help reduce winter heating costs.

I was ready for some landscaping work anyway, so implementing some energy efficient ideas were great. What I spent at the local grower will play off shortly. We did however plant some trees in a few locations I was not planning on, however the energy savings of the landscaping is well worth it. According to Landscaping for energy savings, we should be able to achieve as much as a 30% reduction in cooling and heating costs through careful landscape planning. After a lot of research on energy efficient landscaping, what we have done so far will pay off greatly this winter and next summer.

Now, planting trees and shrubs are not everything when it comes to green landscaping. There are so many really fun and worth wild ideas you can do in terms of landscaping for a more eco friendly landscape. Eco Friendly landscaping, contains a number of principles that revolve around balancing our needs and sense of beauty with those of nature and the environment,

Anyone looking for easy energy savings ideas can implement these landscaping techniques without spending a fortune.

Green landscaping benefits

  • reduce harm to the environment
  • save time and money with lower maintenance
  • have healthier places to work and play
  • provide habitat for wildlife

Here are a few great sites that offer information and tips on green landscaping you may find helpful if you wish to venture into energy efficient landscaping!


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