Endangered Species Day 2010- A Great Time to Get Involved!

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Endangered Species Day is always the third Friday in May, and it is a way for people of all ages to learn ways that they can help to keep our plants and animal species from disappearing forever. If we all try to protect our wildlife and plants now, we will have a legacy to leave for future generations.

The U.S. Senate is the force behind Endangered Species Day, and it is celebrated nationwide at places like wildlife rescues, aquariums, schools, libraries and zoos. That’s part of what makes the day so appealing to children- they can take part in field trips and zoo tours (where they can see the animals they are working to save). There are other ways to help save our plant and animal life- even the smallest kids can help to pick up trash, or watch a film about conservation.

Here are some things you (or you and your kids) can do to help in the fight against extinction:

-Learn which species in your area are in danger of extinction.

-Go to a state nature area (like a wilderness preserve or trail).

-Let your kids help you plant some native plants in your yard. Planting native vegetation helps inhibit the spread of invasive species which compete for growing room, water, and sunlight. This will also encourage more animals to call your yard their home.

-Try as much as possible not to use pesticides and herbicides. Yes, they may keep pests out of your yard, but they are also toxic to animals. Most of these chemicals take a long time to break down, and they can build up in the soil. There are some animals, like amphibians, that are especially susceptible to high levels of these poisons.

Endangered species are a year-round problem- but Endangered Species Day is just another way to draw attention to the subject. You may not think that your efforts or those of your children matter much, but they really do. Every little thing that we do helps!

2010 Endangered Species Day Events

First Annual Race to Stop Extinction, happening May 23, 2010 in Portland, Maine.

Children can submit artwork, posters and pictures to the Endangered Species Day Artwork Contest for a chance to win a special trophy and a round-trip flight to Washington, D.C. for him/herself and one guardian to attend the  reception!

Sunchaser Challenge a  ‘green’ adventure event to mark Endangered Species Day, supported by the Endangered Species Coalition, happening May 22 2010 in Lake Havasu, Arizona; Saranac Lake, NY; Truckee, California and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

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