Economical & Eco-Friendly Car Alternatives

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There is a new company that specializes in eco-friendly automobile alternatives that are cleaner and cheaper than gas-powered vehicles. eCo Wheelz, founded by the father and son team of Craig and Jeremy Panizzoli, eCo Wheelz intends to change the way people commute by providing eco-friendly alternatives that are cleaner and cheaper than gas-powered vehicles.

Europe and China have been using electric bikes for years, way before the efforts to be more eco-friendly surfaced. With record gas prices and mounting environmental concerns, Americans finally began to see them as a feasible option.

Electric bikes and mopeds are cheaper and cleaner than gas-powered vehicles. While these eco-friendly auto alternatives may be a steep initial purchase, with no gas needed, no insurance needed, and the eco benefits, these bikes are an amazing opportunity for many to start saving money and help the environment. Electric bikes and scooters come in a wide variety of styles – from mountain bikes, to street rides, to cruisers. Some operate through the use of a throttle, while others use more advanced “power-assist” technology.

Mopeds start at about $800 and go up to over $4000. Electric scooters start about $300 and can go to over $1000. Even at $1000, that is just a few months worth of gas.

To find out more about electric bikes and scooters, visit eCo Wheelz online at:

What do you think about these vehicle alternatives? Are they vesable where you live?

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