Ecobuddies Green Virtual World for Kids

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EcoBuddies, a green virtual world for kids offers a fun way to teach kids about going green. EcoBuddies is a Vancouver-based virtual world for children 5-13 that offers a “green” community that sends the message of going green. EcoBuddies main goal is to provide kids with a safe, eco setting that is filled with fun, games and adventure!

They have announced a partnership with Pandas International and Kids Saving the Rainforest in an effort to spread going green awareness across the globe. This new partnership will give children the opportunity to learn about charities that support endangered animals and habitats around the world within its interactive setting.

EcoBuddies’ partner Pandas International is focused on preserving and breeding China’s Giant Panda, which is classified as an endangered species on IUCN’s Red List. The charity is currently working to help aid the development of a new panda centre in the Wolong Nature Preserve in the Sichuan Province due to the former Center being destroyed by the 2008 earthquake in China.

Kids Saving the Rainforest was created in Costa Rica by two school children Janine Licare and a friend when they were 9 years old. The charity has now been running for just over a decade, has an animal rehabilitation center for sloths and monkeys, and is also building an animal sanctuary and education center.

Visit EcoBuddies today at to learn more about how they can help teach your child about social awareness and living green!

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