Eco Homes : Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Design

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Sean Smith, a Denver developer put showed off sustainability in this contemporary Denver duplex. This stunning duplex (2 family home) is a model of exemplary environmental design that included Energy Star and LEED certifications.

Eleven 2.4-kW solar panels, located on the garage of one unit and the roof of the other, deliver about 37% of the overall electric consumption and contribute to keeping utility bills around $80 a month, about $130 less than a comparable home without energy-saving features. Temple-Inland drywall comprised of 30% recycled content was used throughout the project; scrap drywall was recycled for use in soil amendment for Colorado farmers.

The eleven 2.4-kW solar panels deliver about 37% of the overall electric consumption. The homes’ recessed cans feature Ecosmart CFLs. The 15-watt R30 bulbs are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable formats.The bulbs are equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent light with savings of up to $48 per bulb per year in energy costs.

Everything within these homes use environmentally friendly materials and the entire home was built to save money by using efficient building and to be eco-friendly.

These beautiful eco homes energy efficiency has earned an Energy Star 5 Stars Plus rating and is awaiting LEED-Gold certification. It’s no wonder the homes were rated Energy Effecient with all of the green features inside and out of the homes.

Look at this amazing eco-friendly kitchen! Thie cabinets are constructed from wheat by-products with a laminate overlay that contain no added formaldehyde and are made with FSC-certified wood. water-based glues and contact cements that have little to no VOCs and carry Greenguard certification. Water-based glues and contact cements that have little to no VOCs and carry Greenguard certification we also used.


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