Eco-Friendly Wedding Boutique for a Green Wedding

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A new eco friendly website, Dream Green Weddings, has launched offering a beautiful collecting of environmentally friendly wedding products. With more and more brides opting for a green wedding, this online wedding boutique is sure to be a big help for finding the perfect eco-friendly wedding favors and gifts.

eco_friendly_wedding_2-1429802With almost 2.5 million weddings per year in the United States, you can see how the impact they have on the earth is significant. By choosing to have an eco-friendly or green wedding you can help limit waste producedding, save energy, conserve resources and decrease carbon emissions. All while having the wedding of your dreams, while sharing your green values wour friends and family.

When I got married, manas before I knew anything about living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only did we spend a fortune on our wedding there was nothing eco-friendly about it! Knowing what I know now, I would love to go back in time and change some things, so it is really fun to find new companies offering options to couples who want a green wedding.

Dream Green Weddings has a nice selection of environmentally friendly wedding products in their eco-wedding boutique. With ideas from green wedding blogs, green wedding guides and bridal magazines, Dream Green Weddings offers a “hand-picked” collection of the finest eco-friendly wedding specialties that are sustainable, renewable, natural, organic, recycled, reusable or handmade.

Dream Green Weddings has created a more meaningful shopping experience by highlightingeco_friendly_wedding_1-3558808 its featured suppliers’ environmental commitments and social responsibility practices right on the product page. For example, if a shopper is interested in purchasing organic chocolate wedding favors, he or she can easily review this featured supplier’s environmental commitment, as well as its support of any related causes–right on the product page before they decide to buy.

Couples planning an eco-friendly wedding may also prefer to buy wedding party gifts that support the greater good. Dream Green Weddings factored that preference into the shopping experience and created an exclusive Fair Trade Gift & Jewelry Gallery. Buying fair trade gifts helps to support a better life for people (especially women with children) in developing countries by promoting fair wages, improved working conditions and environmental stewardship. Even more inspiring, shoppers can read the story behind the artisans who created many of the hand-made and unique items featured in the Fair Trade Gift & Jewelry Gallery.

Visit Dream Green Weddings today or view their press and see how they can help with your eco friendly wedding!

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