Eco-Friendly Totes – Canvas Totes & Eco Aware Bags

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Just becuase we are trying to live a greener lifestyle does not mean we need to do without all of the fun and fashionable girly accessories. With more and more companies realizing the benefits of creating eco friendly products the market for socially conscious fashion is taking off.

If you are searching for the perfect green bag or eco-friendly tote, and have not saw the Make Love Not Trash collections you do not know what you are missing. The company creates handbags of natural, eco aware, non-toxic printed materials. With trendy and eye catching designs, it is no wonder they have gained a lot of press. Just take a look at some of these beautiful environmentally friend bags designed with the trendy consumer and environment in mind!

Bright Collection Handbags– Take a trip on your wild side and show off just how fun you really are while sending an eco friendly message to everyone who sees your bag. Age does not matter here,as this collection offers different styles for anyone!

Several styles are available so your sure to find a handbag perfect for you! These handbags are funky, hip and super cool!

Memory Collection– This collection os eco handbags are not as bold, yet have a very “green girl” look going on. These handbags were designed as part of the companys fundraising efforts for the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation. 60% directly to the Foundation of every bag sold is donated to the foundation in an effort to combat Alzheimer’s. So, not only are you making a fashion statement with your new handbag you’re also helping a worthly cause.

Fly Away Collection– These cream and black totes are perfect for a day at the beach, grocery shopping or any other way you want to use them. This canvas tote has a very hippy chick look that caught my attention right away. The shown tote is under $38.

It does not matter if you are a trendy city girl or an all out hippe girl, this tote is sure to show off your environmentally responsible side and grab lots of attention.

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