Eco-Friendly Salon in NY

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Entrepreneur Jim Gaylord opened Renew Salon to put into action his belief that each of us can make a difference in the future of the planet. His goal for Renew was to provide high quality services to clients while reducing the effects of the business’s operation on the environment. Renew is located at 368 West 46th Street, close to New York City’s Times Square and Broadway theater district.

Gaylord, who has been a [hair stylist for more than 30 years, has done some very famous heads — James Gandolfini, Anthony LaPaglia, Blythe Danner, Marisa Tomei, Kate Burton and more. He has also styled for numerous Broadway productions, including Entertaining Mr. Sloane (Alec Baldwin) and Twelve Angry Men. Cast members of Avenue Q and Beauty and the Beast are regular clients.

Gaylord became environmentally aware after he moved to New York City from Florida. “I was part of a like-minded group of people,” he said, “who regularly talked about how to bring our environmental concerns into the workplace. Renew grew out of these discussions.”

Throughout the building process, Gaylord attempted to use as many sustainable non-toxic, ecological elements as possible:

  • Bamboo flooring
  • Cotton insulation
  • Natural building products instead of plastics
  • Paint without vocs (toxic emissions)

Daily operations achieve Renew’s mission by:

  • recycling of paper and foil used for highlights;
  • limiting waste (fewer towels, reduction of color products washed down the drain);
  • conserving water using new technology that reduces water flow without reducing effectiveness; dual-flush toilets in bathrooms;
  • using organic products, where possible; and, buying from eco-friendly

Renew is a beautiful 1200 square-foot salon (with a wonderful backyard garden). The space offers a relaxing escape from the pressures of New York, superior services and a commitment to the future of the planet.

Way to go Renew Salon in your efforts to help keep NYC Eco-Friendly!

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