Eco Friendly Recycled Sustainable Clothing

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PLAYBACK is a new, sustainable clothing brand that makes all their men and women’s clothing using recycled materials. PLAYBACK is piloting the future of the environmentally conscious fashion scene with a unique manufacturing system and patent-pending fabric.

According to their press release, no other fashion brand is making a statement like PLAYBACK right now, and everyday citizens and celebrities alike are recognizing it. Stars like Adrian Granier, Chase Crawford, Penn Badgley and the cast of Gossip Girl are fans of PLAYBACK apparel. Some of the biggest names in music are also jumping on board. Bon Jovi, U2, Wilco, Dave Matthews Band and Phish have signed up to use PLAYBACK blanks for their merchandise made from recycled materials.

In creating their own fabrics by recycling cotton scraps and plastic bottles, PLAYBACK is revolutionizing the look, feel and standards of ‘green’ apparel forever. PLAYBACK is leading the ‘green’ clothing industry to places it has never been before. The exclusive look of the products mixed with the brand’s goal to keep the environment intact is the wave of the future; the future is now.

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