Eco Friendly Recycled Board Shorts

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Crazy Shirts, a company based in Honolulu, has announced a new line of eco friendly board shorts made from recycled plastic. The new Eco” Board Shorts collection is made with recycled plastic bottles with the the synthetic material converted into 100 percent polyester polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) microfiber. This new eco friendly clothing line is a great way for skaters and surfers to dress in style and still be environmentally-friendly.

eco-friendly-shorts-150x150-1137487The men’s eco short features a Velcro-less fly for comfort, hidden side mesh pocket with key fob, logo grommets and drawstring. The women’s Eco Board Short is reversible and includes a back pocket with logo grommets and an elastic key fob, as well as a split Velcro closure fly. The shorts are available in men’s ($45), women’s ($46) and kids sizes ($29).

These eco-friendly board shorts are priced right around what other name brand non environmentally friendly charge.

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