Eco Friendly Pets: How to Reduce Your Chihuahua’s Carbon Paw-Print

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Over the past decade people have become more conscious of the environment and have become familiar with the term carbon footprint, which is essentially a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions which are caused either directly or indirectly by a person. While people have taken drastic steps to reduce their personal carbon footprint, many Chihuahua and other pet owners do not consider how their pet’s emissions affect the environment.

Luckily, there are many ways to reduce your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print which, in turn, will help save the earth. As a general rule, you should always consider how each decision you make regarding your pet could impact the global environment. While each decision may seem small, over time the steps you take to reduce your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print will add up.

One way to reduce you your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print is to build a pet waste composter. Most people who end up picking up their pet’s waste end up tossing it into a small bag and throwing it into the garbage. By doing this, pet owners unknowingly spread disease to the wildlife and can contaminate water supply. A composter will store the pet waste well below ground and will be naturally broken down in a more environmentally friendly manner than throwing it into the trash.

If building a composter is not available because you do not have a suitable location, then be sure to carefully select pet waste bags. To maximize your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print the bags you select should be 100% biodegradable and be made from GMO free corn. Be sure to select bags which completely lack polyethylene, as it is quite harmful to the environment.

Another way to reduce your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print is to change its diet. You should only buy and feed your Chihuahua organic pet food because it contains the least amount of chemicals. Because of this, your Chihuahua will produce cleaner waste that is toxin free. Beyond improving your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print, feeding your pet organic food will also improve its overall health and diet. Also, feeding your pet a vegetation diet has also been shown to reduce their carbon paw print even further. This is also more environmentally friendly because no animals have to be sacrificed for your pet’s diet.

The last way to reduce your Chihuahua’s carbon paw print is to make every purchase regarding your pet carefully. Many national pet stores and discount department stores import the majority of their pet toys, pet beds, cages, food, and accessories from countries such as China and Taiwan which offer the most affordable prices. While these low prices are passed on to the consumer, they come with severe environmental penalties because the amount of excess oil it takes to ship the products is much higher when compared to products made in the United States or Mexico. Also, the factories in China and Taiwan often are run without the global environment in mind and produce the highest level of emissions in the world.

Researched and written by collaborate efforts of Victoria of Ratelines, the cd rates finder and Nicole of Chazhound the dog beds store.

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