Eco-Friendly Jewelry for the Sustainable Eco Chic

by admin

Every gal wants to accent her outfit with beautiful jewelry, but finding eco-friendly jewelry can be a daunting task. No eco chic wants to sacrifice style, but we all want nice eco-fashion accessories. I have finally found an eco-friendly jewelry designer who creates amazing pieces without the over-the-top prices of many similar designers. The beautiful eco-friendly jewelry below is made from recycled stainless steel with luxurious finishes and sustainable accents.

Kyler by Joy O delivers beautiful eco-friendly jewelry where both style and sustainability are made equal priorities. When creating her unique sustainable designer jewelry, Joy finds inspiration from the materials she uses, from nature, and from the ongoing life of her jewelry. Her pieces have an evocative aesthetic, as Joy allows the small details of objects in life to guide her design. Using recycled stainless steel, black zinc, recycled sterling silver, recycled 14 karat gold fill, and 24 karat gold plating along with recycled artisan glass accents ensures the durability, sustainability, and heirloom quality of all of her pieces.

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