Eco-Friendly Jewelry Designed for the Green Bride

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For years, it has been challenging for an environmentally sensitive bride to find an engagement ring she can wear with a clear conscience. From destructive mining operations for diamonds, gemstones and precious metals, to sub-standard working conditions in these mines, what is a responsible bride to do? Be on the look out for an eco-friendly jewelry option!

Lab-grown diamonds are identical to their mined counterparts, yet are made in a high-tech environment by skilled labor and without massive mining operations. Using a high-pressure, high-temperature process that mimics nature, beautiful diamonds can be grown in fancy yellow, blue and traditional white colors.

Where do diamonds com from? Diamonds occur naturally deep inside the earth. They are carried to the earth’s surface through volcanic activity that creates what are called ‘kimberlite pipes’. Kimberlite is the cooled volcanic rock and is what diamonds are extracted from. Each year, over 150 million carats of diamonds are mined from the earth. To find one carat of diamond, many tons of earth need to be removed and processed.

Labor and environmental issues during mining and manufacturing is certainly important when buying mined diamonds, though even carefully sourced mined diamonds still have a large environmental impact. Laboratory grown diamonds on the other hand only use a modest amount of electricity and resources.

eco-friendly-wedding-9073464The leading retailer of synthetic diamonds, D.NEA, recently expanded their line of bridal jewelry to include many classic designs as well as offering custom designed jewelry, all available in eco-friendly metals and made in the USA. Eric Franklin, CEO of D.NEA, says “An engagement ring made with recycled metal is the perfect complement to a lab-grown diamond. Both present a unique and responsible choice by the wearer.” D.NEA currently offers synthetic diamonds in white up to one carat, stunning blues up to 1.25ct and fancy yellow colors up to two carats.

D.NEA understands the ecological impacts of the jewelry industry and are doing their part to help. All jewelry is not only made from origin-guaranteed lab-createdeco-friendly-wedding-jewelr-7170926 diamonds and eco-friendly metals, but is also presented in eco-friendly packaging. All D.NEA jewelry is beautifully showcased in rubberwood boxes. Rubberwood is a sustainable tree cultivated for its natural latex. At the end of its latex-producing life, the high-quality wood is harvested and the land replanted. The interior of the box cushions and protects your jewelry with a recycled suede. The signature blue D.NEA outer box is made from recycled paperboard. They also offer free shipping and a lifetime 100% trade-up, and can be purchased online at

A striking blue or vibrant yellow diamond set into an eco-friendly engagement ring will tell all who sees it how responsible its owner is. By looking at this beautiful engagement and bridal jewelry it looks like D.NEA is doing  a great job of creating eco jewelry.

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