Eco Friendly Flooring Options: Green Bamboo Flooring

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When it comes to eco friendly flooring for your green home you have several options that can help make your home eco-friendly. When you are ready to throw out the carpet or for a more eco-friendly flooring options, you have several options. Recycled metal tiles, bamboo, sustainable woods,and even stones are all an eco friendly flooring option and many that are used in green building.

Lets talk about the most popular eco flooring and the benefits of using each.

Bamboo Flooring– Bamboo is an excellent environmentally-sensible alternative to carpet not to mention a popular green flooring option. Bamboo floors are resistant to water (naturally ), mildew, and sustainable. You do have to be careful when selecting Bamboo flooring, as the very cheap bamboo can have formaldehyde emissions. Bamboo pricing starts at $3.90/sq.ft. from Green Floors.

Recycled Metal Tiles– Recycled tiles are another option for eco flooring in the kitchen or bathroom. These tiles are made with 100% recycled aluminum or brass. Recycled tiles pricing starts at $35/sq.ft. for aluminum tiles, $70/sq.ft. for brass tiles from Eco-Friendly

Cork Flooring- Cork flooring is another great eco friendly flooring option many people like becuase it is environmentally sustainable, non-toxic, healthy and a green-building material. Believe it or not, cork flooring is dense and is designed to withstand even commercial traffic. Cork flooring is also sound absorbent and hypoallergenic. Pricing starts at $4.50/sq.ft for cork flooring from

Wood Mosaics– From Fortis Arbor, this wood flooring is not only beautiful it is perfect for sustainable green building. 100% of Fortis Arbor tiles are made from sustainable materials. The wood mosaic tiles utilize post-industrial waste, ie. wood that would have been thrown away or burned, the company recycles into flooring. Another great aspect of the wood mosaics are they can be used on walls to inplace of tiles!

When my husband and I decided to get new flooring for our home we selected bamboo becuase it reminded us of wood floors yet it was eco-friendly and a healthier choice for our family. I have been looking for some eco-friendly rugs to use as accents in our home and found some eco-friendly green culture rugs that are beautiful and modern!

Give Us Some Feedback: Are you looking into purchasing eco-friendly flooring soon? What type of flooring do you have in your home or what kind of flooring are you dying to get?

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