Eco-Friendly Decorating on a Budget

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eco-friendly-decorating-tips-1230879If you are looking for eco-friendly decorating ideas that will not break the bank, you’re in luck! Green decorating does not have to be expensive, in fact many eco designers are opting for less expensive decorating ideas to save you money and create an eco-friendly home. While some eco-friendly decorating items may be on the pricey side, there are lots of ways you can decorate your home without the expense.

Remember a part of eco-friendly decorating is reducing, reusing and recycling, all which can be done with products you current own or second hand decor items.

Ideas for Budget Eco-Friendly Decorating

1. Shop your local Good Will, Salvation Army or Habitat For Humanity. These stores get items that can be re-used and re-decorated. Consider lamps, picture frames, bed frames and other items you can pick up cheap and recycle into something new. These decorating pieces can easily be refurbished with a simple coat of Non-VOC paint for a brand new look. These stores often have furniture that can be sanded down and painted a color to match your decor, that cost is just a fraction of what it would cost new!

When you shop at these stores you are not only going to find deals, you are also supporting your local community.

2. Instead of replacing curtains for a new look, consider using non-toxic dyes to change your current curtain colors.

3. If you are ready for an entire new look to a room, before you take the plunge to buy new furniture or accessories, locate a non-toxic paint dealer in your area and buy a gallon or two of paint. Fresh paint on walls (especially colored paints), can give a room an entire new look without the costs or refurnishing.

4. When you finish off that jar of jelly or spaghetti sauce, save the jar! These glass jars make beautiful vases for fresh flowers as a centerpiece on the kitchen table. Reusing items is not only eco-friendly but it also saves green (money). See more ideas for reusing jars

5. If storage is an issue, look for sustainable water hyacinth and rattan fiber baskets. Baskets are trendy accessories that can be put to use to store items around the home.

Eco-Decorating Tip: If you opt to shop online for decorating items, search for discount codes and online coupons to help save even more money!

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