Eco-Friendly Cardboard Toys That Inspire Creative Play

by admin

When I think about the creative eco-friendly toys from cardboardesign®, it reminds me of my own childhood days of pretend play. I remember creating play tents with my friends andboxed cars that kept us all entertained for hours.

The same memories of childhood play were in mind when NY based company, cardboardesign®, created their line of cardboard designed toys, that help children have fun playing and build imagination. Their line of recyclable eco-friendly cardboard play toys are chemical free and made in the USA.

Not only are they completley innovative, they can also act as a craft project for mom and child! Each cardboard designed toy can be decorated on the outside for a personalized feel. Break out the non-toxic paints or crayons and enjoy a fun craft project with the kids that they wll enjoy!

The rocket is perfect for the little boy or little girl who dreams of trips into outterspace! At $72, the rocket is perfect for creative adventure that will give kids hours of play!

The playhouse helps kids who love to play house! This playhouse is size 35 x 31 x 47 and priced at $72. From the website” Every child likes to play house and what better property for your young homeowner. There is hours of fun to be had with the mail slot in the door for passing secret messages.”

The teepee, is another adorable creation by cardboardesign®, that allows kids to stimulate their imagination. Little Indians love to create play tents or teepees for play, and this makes it easier to enjoy playtime! Use plain or decorated.

cardboardesign® also has other toys to help kids enjoy creative playtime at home!

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