Eco-Friendly Bathroom Make-Over With Recycled Glass Tiles

by admin

recycled_tiles_3-273x300-8397018Eco-friendly bathroom decorating is made easy with Modwalls® eco-friendly Viridian™ recycled glass tiles. These recycled glass tiles are super stylish and made of 98% recycled material, making it a green choice for a bathroom project! Derived from reclaimed glass building windows and manufacturing pieces from windows and windshields.

As seen in the showers of the 2008 West Coast Green “Harbinger House”, designed by ecofabulous.

Use the tiles in the shower, on the floor or on the walls for a dramatic look. The photos shown below is Brix Apple. modwalls® Viridian™ recycled glass tile is available in a variety of modern colors and 2 styles to select from.

recycled_tiles_3-150x150-3989170 recycled_tiles_2-150x150-3030890 recycled_tiles-150x150-8731787

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