Eco-Friendly Baby Wipes

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Bottoms Up, Inc. has announced the debut of Bottoms Up Baby Wipes – a cloth baby wipes “kit” that is not only better for baby, but is better for the environment and less costly than disposable baby wipes. Bottoms Up Baby Wipes are the eco-friendly, green way to clean your baby’s bottom. The wipes are 100% cotton and chemical-free, and re-usable.

eco-baby-wipes-9140699With an emphasis on “going green”, the Bottoms Up Baby Wipes Kit was specifically designed for parents interested in saving money and being environmentally conscientious, while wanting no harsh mystery chemicals used on their baby’s skin. The Bottoms Up Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit was designed by a mom for moms to make a “system” that fits seamlessly into your already busy schedule. Just add the 100% cotton wipes to your laundry and take buying baby wipes off your grocery list!

“We worked hard to offer a product that would address all the concerns voiced by new parents: safety, money, eco-friendliness and ease of use. There are other cloth wipe kits out there but not any that are as easy to use or of such high quality,” said Bottoms Up Founder, entrepreneur and mom of four Lesley Mattos. “My kids are grown now, but when I think of what was in some of the products I used on their little bodies and how much landfill we created, I cringe. I am thrilled to be able to help new parents do what I didn’t and use a product that’s better for their babies, the planet and save some money to boot!”

The Bottoms Up Baby Wipes All-in-One Kit is better for babies as it contains only natural essential oils and none of the chemicals (e.g. parabens, butylenes, propylene glycol) found in traditional disposable baby wipes. Visit the Bottoms Up Baby website to learn more about the baby wipes Kit.

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