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There is a new new eco-friendly babycare company based in London that specializes in organic and ethically sourced clothing. Not only does this eco-friendly company use recycled packaging, business cards and promotional material,’s web hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy. This is yet another fine example of Ethical Business!

Lindsay Drabwell, the founder of, explains her commitment to protecting the environment doesn’t simply stop at the retail level:

According to their press release

When conducting our research, it seemed fairly straightforward to provide only 100% organically produced items to our customers. Then concern grew that our good work could be easily undone if we didn’t think about every aspect of the business,

she says.

So we adapted our focus to include an end-to-end eco-friendly approach, without incurring any reduction in the quality of our service or products. We quickly realised that the bigger picture is equally as important if we are to secure a future for the next generation.

Among products sold by are dresses made from 100% bamboo, organic cotton t-shirts and lotion with organic aloe vera and natural orange blossom.

For more information, visit

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