Eco-Friendly Adopt-A-Christmas Tree in San Diego

by admin

This holiday San Diego residents who want an eco-friendly holiday can opt for the Adopt-A-Tree program, instead of a non-environmentally friendly artificial tree.  This unique living potted Christmas tree program offers the delivery and removal of Christmas trees for those who want a stunning tree with less of an environmental impact. Not to mention the trees are delivered by eco-elves! Instead of tossing a real Christmas tree out on the curb to hit the landfill, Adopt-A-Tree reuses the trees by replanting! You can still enjoy the wonderful pine scent of a real tree without the guilt this year, by ensuring the tree is replanted after use. Trees are replant  in areas devastated by California fires

We are not talking about a tiny tree to sit on a table, Adopt-A-Tree offers live trees from three feet to 8 feet tall! Monterey Pine, Italian Stone Pine, Aleppo Pine, and Deodar Cedar trees are available for business and residential use this year! All consumers need to do is visit the Adopt-A-Tree website, select a tree and delivery date! Adopt-A-Tree takes care of the rest!

For more information visit the Adopt-A-Tree website.

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