Do You Need to Give Your Children Vitamins?

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Even though it’s ideal to be sure your children are getting the vitamins they need from what they eat – it may not be realistic. If you’re like my family –  you could write your own book – based on the new movie “Diary of a Whimpy Kid.” Except my version of the movie would be called “Diary of a Picky Kid.” This describes my kid’s eating habits.

Just as an example, my son lives on cheese tacos. Even though he likes fruits and vegetables he doesn’t get a lot of protein in his diet. Most likely he’s short on Vitamin D – especially during the winter months. I’ve tried many ways to get him to take vitamins but finally settled on chewable vitamins with natural flavors.

If you’re like most families, it makes sense to give your kids a multi-vitamin to make up for this. Even though kids today may be eating more calories, they are most likely getting less from the food they eat. Since it’s essential that they get the vitamins they need for healthy growth, I chose to give my kids vitamins.

4 Things to watch for when buying vitamins for kids

    • The format of the vitamins. If your child has a hard time swallowing a pill, then you should look for a chewable vitamin or a liquid. We like the gummy bear vitamins because they are easiest to take and my kids like them.
    • The age of your child. Look on the label and consider the age of your child. If they are 2 or under, they will have different requirements than older children.
    • Ingredients: I try to steer clear of vitamins with artificial sugars or high sugar content, iron or a lot of extra fillers.
    • Taste. If your kids won’t take the vitamins because they taste bad or if it’s a fight every day then switch vitamins.
    • Cost. Remember that it’s cheaper to prevent than to pay to correct health problems down the road. Online you can compare costs at any Vitamin Store and weigh the cost with the convenience of having the vitamins shipped to your door.

If your child is a minority or autistic, recent studies show that they are more likely to be deficient in vitamin d and or other essential vitamins. Why autistic children? They tend to be pickier eaters which means they’re not getting everything they need through their diets alone.

Consider your child’s eating habits and even sleeping habits. Both are affected by diet and may be improved through supplementing with vitamins. Hopefully the title of your children’s story will be, “Diary of a Healthy Kid” – good health is something we all want for our kids.

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