DIY Homemade Baby Bath Oil

by admin

We all know that babies are vulnerable to dry skin (and so are mommies sometimes). Most new moms want to bathe baby every day, but because baby’s skin loses moisture so easily, it’s not a good idea. When you do give your baby a bath, you can use this homemade bath oil to make her skin soft (and you can use it at bath-time, too!)

Here’s how to mix the DIY baby bath oil up:

  • Blend one-half cup avocado oil with one-half cup extra virgin olive oil.
  • Add two teaspoons calendula oil and two drops essential oil of chamomile.
  • Add in a cup and a half of warm water, pour into a jar with a lid and shake well.

Add two tablespoons of this mixture to baby’s bath water, and don’t forget- it makes a great skin and scalp conditioner, too! If your baby is suffering with cradle cap, this will help loosen it up for removal!


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