Curing Menstrual Cramps Naturally

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For a good chunk of the female population, there is a certain week or so during each month that is just not all that welcome. Bet you can guess when. You got it – period time. Menstruation. The dreaded visit from Aunt Flow.

As if dealing with the nuisance of tampons and maxi pads isn’t enough, many women also suffer with menstrual cramps. Sometimes they can be likened to a nagging tug, other times they feel like someone’s twisting your abdominal wall into sailors’ knots with their bare hands. Mild or severe, one thing is for sure: cramps are so not cool.

Instead of rushing to the medicine cabinet every month for prescription or over the counter medications, try alleviating menstrual cramps the natural way. Call these tips home remedies, call them au natural cures, call them whatever you want. We’ll just call them “saviors.”

1. Massage – Massaging your midsection while you’re experiencing cramps can help alleviate the pain. Massage with gentle motions if you’re particularly sensitive; apply harder pressure if you can handle it.

If you’re more of a proactive type, one week before your period is due, try blending 2 drops of lavender oil, 1 drop of clary sage oil, 1 drop of rose oil, and 1 teaspoon of almond oil and slather the mixture on your lower belly. Bonus: you will smell so good you might even forget about your impending visitor!

2. Fish Oil – You know that fish oil you take every single day (you do take it, right)? Now you can add another benefit to its already impressive resume: cramp-killer. Popping fish oil the day before your period is due and continuing until the cramps stop is another natural way to beat the abdominal assassins.

3. Heat and Hydrotherapy – Heating pads and warm baths can be godsends during your period, since they dilate blood vessels and help relax uterine contractions. They also tend to bring on feelings of being cozy and secure, which can help distract your mind from your discomfort.

4. Tea – Chamomile tea has been shown to naturally raise levels of the amino acids that are in control of your uterine muscles and help to decrease their contractions (which is the cause behind menstrual cramping pain). The same tea also has natural calming effects for the rest of you, so including this beverage in your daily diet is a great idea.

5. Vitamins – Taking your multivitamin is even more important during your period. Zinc, calcium and B vitamins all work magic on lessening cramps.

Nobody will ever try to convince you that having your period is a swell and jolly time, but by trying these natural cures for cramps, it can at least be a little more bearable. And remember, if all else fails, eat some chocolate!

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