Checklist for Qualifying a Construction Company as “Green”

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There’s a prevailing theory about construction companies today that while many of them say they’re “green” or trying to “go green” – they’re really just blowing smog in your face. Everyone has to be eco-friendly to some degree, but construction companies? C’mon, really!

Most people also believe that if green construction is going to be done well, it also has to be done DIY. After all, while construction companies provide quality buildings, they don’t get “green,” so how can they be trusted to handle the job?

In contrast to many builders, post frame construction companies seem to be at the forefront of professional green building. Since the foundation of their buildings rely on having a renewable environment, it’s important for them to be eco-friendly as well as provide quality construction. And post frame contractors nationwide seem to be getting on board with being “green.”

As most of the country is officially in the warmth of spring, the time to start thinking about those new building projects is upon all of us. For anyone trying to find a high quality and eco-friendly option for a new building, the following question list should be very helpful when prospecting multiple construction companies. Of course, constructing an eco-friendly building goes so much further than using renewable framing and reducing waste during production. Once construction is complete, a company should leave the customer with a building that can sustain an long-term, eco friendly life cycle.

Below you will find a handy list of 10 questions to ask and information to verify when trying to confirm whether a builder or construction company is really “green”:

Questions Related To Building Design:

  1. Are the materials used ordered to the exact size measured in blueprints? When all materials are exact size, excess waste is reduced. Many contractors who build using a series of similar layout plans should be able to order to exact size.
  2. Are excess materials reused or recycled? This may seem like a no-brainer question to verify, but many construction companies lack the resources to properly dispose of excess waste metal and wood. Eco-friendly builders should have a connection to a local recycling facility.

Questions Related To Material Selection:

  1. Pole barns use wooden posts as their foundation. Do your lumber suppliers responsibly manage the forest land they use?
  2. Is the sheet metal recycled? Another no-brainer question.
  3. Does your sheet metal reflect solar energy? In addition to reducing energy costs, less energy usage is needed to heat/cool a building when metals are reflective.
  4. Is the hardware you use eco-friendly? It’s not unfair for a customer considering a green construction company to verify that every piece of hardware involved in the project – from screws and nails to roofing – meets their own standards for eco-friendliness.
  5. Does your company have its own internal “green” test for manufacturers and suppliers? What are your criteria for selecting a company as a vendor?

Questions Related To Life-Cycle Costs:

  1. Will any appliances or electrical installations be Energy Star certified?
  2. What type of eco-friendly and energy-efficient flooring and insulation do you recommend?
  3. Post construction, do you have any tips for decreasing operating and maintenance costs?

About the Author: Jonathan is a marketing consultant and advocate for improving the eco-friendliness of construction by using high quality, waste reducing building requirements. In addition to working with a green garage builder, he also works with companies that provide sustainable packaging solutions, fair-trade recycled handbags, and energy technology solutions.

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