Carpet Tiles Are Green Even When They Are Different Colors

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Until the 21st century arrived, the word “green” used to be associated with negative connotations.

A person who was “green with envy” was too jealous and was someone to be avoided. If a person was said to be “green,” it usually meant that they were inexperienced in a particular job field or sport and were prone to make mistakes.

However, in the world in which we live today, being “green” means taking steps to protect our environment and its shrinking natural resources. A business that is focused on “going green” is one that frowns on waste and products that harm our environment.

Carpet tiles are an excellent way for homeowners and business owners to take a step towards protecting the environment.


In addition to being easy to install and allowing for a variety of different designs, carpet tiles help the environment in these ways:

  • Carpet tiles are more durable than traditional carpet. They can be rotated to prevent areas with more foot traffic from being worn out sooner. This reduces the number of carpet tiles than have to be discarded and replaced.
  • The longer life of carpet tiles reduces the number of natural resources that are necessary to produce new tiles in production plants.
  • Carpet tiles can easily be lifted and removed so they can move with a homeowner or business owner if they get a new home or business location. This eliminates the need to produce more carpet tiles.
  • Many carpet tiles are constructed of recycled raw materials and have much less of an impact on the environment
  • Most carpet tiles exceed the Green Label standards established by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI).

Carpet tiles are almost 100% recyclable. Carpet on the other hand is not. Here are a few tips to help get rid of that old carpet.

  • If your carpet or rug is not badly worn, torn, or stained it may find a suitable home at a local charity.
  • The Carpet American Recover Effort (CARE) has provided a network with over 50 carpet reclamation centers across the US. This is a great place to take unwanted carpet.
  • You can also cut the carpet up into pieces and use it in your car, under furniture, as door mats, and even in your garden in between rows to keep weeds from growing.

Making efforts like these will help keep tons of carpet out of the landfills and will also allow for some of this material to be reused. If you want to help make a better environment for tomorrow, start by replacing your current flooring with carpet tiles today and recycle responsibly.

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