Call Upon President to Make Energy Efficiency Priority

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The Energy Future Coalition is a broad-based, nonpartisan alliance that seeks to bridge the differences among business, labor, and environmental groups and identify energy policy options with broad political support. According to the press release, ore than thirty groups have issued a call to action for the federal government and states to make energy efficiency a frontline approach.

This will address energy supply constraints and reducing global warming emissions.

The Energy Future Coalition says….

Energy efficiency is a golden opportunity for the United States to embark on a new clean path to meeting our energy needs in a way that boosts the economy, creates jobs, and helps the environment at half the cost of building new power plants.

The broad-based group of industry and financial leaders, state treasurers, environmental groups and energy policy advocates urged the government to greatly ramp up its commitment to energy efficiency measures. Among additional priorities, the group called for:

  • Governors and state leaders to prioritize efficiency and allow it to compete with power generation;
  • The next President to appoint a National Energy Efficiency Advocate;
  • The Congress to establish worker training programs; and,
  • And both the next President and Congress to remake the regulatory and financial incentive landscape in order to make the United States a worldwide leader in efficiency technologies.

The call to action and list of supporting organizations can be found at:

“Energy efficiency is a critical component of our efforts to meet electricity demand growth, while helping consumers manage energy costs and addressing greenhouse gas emissions,” said EEI president Tom Kuhn. “Significant efficiency improvements already are underway, and even greater gains are possible if consumers are active partners and regulatory and other barriers can be overcome. While we still will need to add significant new generating capacity in order to meet the demands of the economy and a growing population, energy efficiency can help to offset some of that demand. Energy efficiency – along with a full portfolio of technology options – is key to addressing climate change concerns.”

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