Buying Fair Trade Clothing for Your Kids

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When it’s time to buy clothes for the kids, more and more parents are choosing fair trade. When you buy your children “fair trade” clothes, you’re making an impact that goes far beyond just your family. You’re helping others have a higher standard of living, and you’re also helping the environment.

What is fair trade? It’s a movement in opposition to the conventional way of trading, which seeks to help people in the world’s poorest countries earn a better wage. According to the WFTO (the World Fair Trade Organization), almost two billion people work and live on less than $2 a day. With fair trade, prices are set higher and those workers are guaranteed to make enough money to live on.

Fair trade clothes for kids are organically made- the fibers come from plants that aren’t treated with pesticides and fertilizers. That’s more than most major clothing labels can claim! Besides being chemical-free, fair trade clothing is much higher in quality. It’s softer, stronger, and lasts longer, and in a lot of cases, it’s handmade instead of being mass-produced.

Fair trade helps workers in underdeveloped countries earn higher wages than they would be able to earn otherwise. Even skilled workers can’t earn a living wage by selling their products in their own country, because they can’t afford the high cost of marketing. Because it costs more to grow the raw materials needed, and workers are paid more, fair trade clothing may be a bit more expensive- but the economic, social, and environmental benefits are worth it.

Kids’ fair trade clothes are a simple, hassle-free way to help others and the Earth. By purchasing fair trade clothes, you’re guaranteeing that the person who made the item is being paid a decent wage. You’re raising their standard of living, and in return, you’re getting clothing that will stand up to the wear and tear.


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