Benefits of Organic Skincare

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organic-skincare-benefits-4333366Defining organic skincare is a bit of a minefield, but in general I can say that organic skin care products should contain no potentially damaging un-natural or harsh chemical products. The idea that forms the basis of the positive attributes of organic products is that as they contain only natural substances, and they will not damage or abrade the skin. Also as the skin absorbs a small percentage of what is applies, the use of natural products ensures that harmful toxins are not absorbed into the body and face, via the skin.

A consideration to bear in mind, with organic products, is that as they have no artificial preservatives (as we find in processed foods), they will have a shorter shelf life, meaning, they will lose their freshness. This may seem counter to what we might wish, but the truth of using preserved products is similar to the usage of artificially preserved foods. Would you eat a 6 month old banana? Well perhaps, but you would wonder how it managed to survive. Well, the same applies to your skincare. And I may suggest that just as home grown food is best, so too are home made cosmetics, and there are many new ideas relating to this, but very often backed up by old folk and herb lore. The old ways of living, that have an increasing relevance in today’s frenetic world. Stop and think, create and consider, do not just purchase and consume.

Stay cool and keep your products cool, keep out of hot sunlight and keep your products out of direct sunlight.

Though not comprehensive, here are some of the advantages and benefits of organic skincare:

1) As organic and natural skincare products contain only natural minerals, the balance between the inner body and the creams that you apply to your face and body is maintained, and the trace minerals are harmonised from the internal to the external and also from the external to the internal. Also natural substances are more readily absorbed into the skin.

2) The bloodstream, as part of the internal body, is not contaminated with harsh chemicals, thus enabling a brighter flow around the body, creating further beauty from within!

3) Organic products are produced with strict guidelines, that are constantly monitored, and thus you have the peace of mind, knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your skin for you. So many skin product manufacturers have no consideration other than profit, and I may say that some have no idea about skincare whatsoever, just a good knowledge of skin coverings and profits. Plaster it on, and take the profit. Think about it, there are companies that have put melamine in baby food, do you think that this might not happen with skincare?

Finally, do not let the cost put you off, as your skin will be happy that you gave it a treat, but, remember, you can make something yourself, try it. Check out some natural skincare recipes.

Written by Mark Golding – The Organic Home, a UK based company with a mission is to become a leader in the development of the use of organic products in the home.

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