Benefits of Environmentally Safe Cleaning for Your Business

by admin

The evidence shows, again and again, that businesses can benefit by using an eco-friendly cleaning company or adopting green cleaning practices. Most companies in the US expect their commercial cleaning company to use environmentally-sound cleaning products. In order to meet the demand, cleaning companies offer continuing education to their staff, helping them learn how to do their job in an effective and Earth-conscious way. Cleaning is a necessity and an expense, and most business owners are looking for the most cost effective option. In most cases, using an eco-aware cleaning company or method doesn’t cost much more than using a conventional method. In this article, you will learn why green cleaning for your business is an important investment.

Green cleaning is defined as any method, product or service that has a diminished impact on our health and the environment, compared to conventional practices. Today’s green cleaning involves methods that promote safety, health and social awareness. For example, the US Green Building Council’s LEED program establishes standards for environmentally sustainable buildings and it strives to recognize good environmental practices in the building and cleaning industry. Businesses are facing pressure to use eco-friendly cleaning practices, in the form of increased competition. If your business is LEED certified, you can reap benefits like higher property values and government incentives.

Environmentally friendly cleaning practices simply create a healthier atmosphere for your business. For example, if you use air dryers in your bathroom instead of buying paper towels, you are reducing the amount of paper waste. If you or your janitorial company uses eco-friendly cleaning products, your customers and employees will end up with fewer respiratory ailments, allergies, headaches, and skin sensitivities. A healthier environment increases productivity and makes your business more attractive to customers. If you want your business to be more green, you should find a commercial cleaning company that uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and practices.

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