Benefits of Building with Steel

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picture5-300x258-6896430Once common mostly in areas prone to fires, hurricanes and other natural disasters, steel buildings are becoming a popular choice in mainstream construction. Steel is a superior, virtually maintenance free building material that will last a lifetime. Initially used mainly in commercial and industrial buildings steel is gaining popularity in residential construction as well as retail applications.

The physical attributes of steel offer significant advantages over traditional materials. Steel is durable and flexible, making it an ideal choice in prefabricated applications. Metal building parts are typically engineered and machined in a factory, shipped to the building location and assembled like an enormous jigsaw puzzle. This allows for a wide range of easy customization options that can be built right into the floor plan with minimal effort. There are many additional benefits to building with steel.

Some additional benefits of steel:

Steel is non-combustible. It is also engineered to be seismic and wind resistant which not only results in the safest building possible but can mean lower insurance costs. Due to its sustainability, recyclability and reusability steel is the ideal choice for environmentally conscious companies and individuals with the mindset to improve their carbon footprint. Most steel is manufactured using recycled material which can be recycled once again at the end of its lifespan.

Steel buildings are cost efficient. They require a lot less maintenance than their traditional counterparts which equates into big savings down the road. The modular nature of metal buildings makes expansion easier and more cost effective than a brick or wood building. Steel can be engineered to meet the specific requirements of each project therefore eliminating excess material.

About the Author: Jim has been in the construction industry for over 20 years and currently works for a company that manufactures steel buildings. For more information on the benefits of building with steel, visit

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