Babies Born Contaminated with BPA

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umbilical_cord-4681037Laboratory tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG) and Rachel’s Network have detected bisphenol A (BPA) for the first time in the umbilical cord blood of U.S. newborns. The tests identified the plastics chemical in 9 of 10 cord blood samples from babies of African American, Asian and Hispanic descent.

This finding is scary to say the least. Pregnant moms try to make sure we eat healthy and do everything just right to ensure our babies are born healthy, yet everyday BPA found in products are still managing to contaminate unborn babies.  Over 150 scientific journals have shown the dangers of small amounts of BPA in lab animals, which is sufficient to show their potential for harm in babies. See (healthy child healthy world)

The findings provide hard evidence that U.S. infants are contaminated with BPA beginning in the womb. Which is not a shock to me, after just a few short weeks ago, BPA was found in canned foods. BPA has also been found in many common baby items, such as, baby bottles, formula cans and sippy cups. It seems like BPA is everywhere, until the FDA or the government step up to put a stop to it.

“Each time we look for the latest chemical of concern in infant cord blood, we find it,” said Anila Jacob, M.D., EWG senior scientist and co-author of the report. “This time we discovered BPA, among other dangerous substances, in almost every infant’s cord blood we tested.”

“This study proves newborns are exposed to BPA in the womb,” Jacob said. “After they are born, they’ll encounter more BPA by drinking from a bottle, drinking canned infant formula and, eventually, eating canned food like ravioli and chicken noodle soup.”

Congressional, medical, environmental and leaders react to the study

Jeanne Rizzo, President and CEO, The Breast Cancer Fund
“Right now, Congress is considering a ban on BPA in food and beverage containers. Babies are being born already contaminated with BPA. What more compelling evidence could we possibly need to prompt immediate action?”

David Baker, Founder and Director, Community Against Pollution
“Today, industrial pollution in humans begins in the womb, and this new report underscores that regardless of a person’s race or ethnicity, everyone is affected. The chemical industry had the floodgates opened over 30 years ago when a federal law went on the books that ultimately swamped the marketplace with more than 80,000 chemicals; many of them are now in people and linked to a number of serious health risks that have spiked among children.”

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