Aventura Organic Women’s Clothing now at Eden Home

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EdenHome.com, where organic style comes naturally, has just added the Aventura Organic Women’s Clothing line to their website to create the best selection of stylish organic clothes for men, women and children. The Aventura Organic Clothing Company, well known for their eco-centric “help the earth… one garment at a time” mission and ‘hip’ fashions, is just one of several top names in organic clothing available on the EdenHome.com website. With hundreds of organic clothing items from the best organic clothing companies such as Dreamsacks, Blue Canoe, Under the Canopy, Under the Nile, Kate Quinn and others, Eden Home now has the largest selection of organic clothing found online.

EdenHome.com is the one destination for the best organic, all natural and eco-friendly products including organic baby clothing and bedding, organic bath towels, home décor, bedding, natural cookware and more.

More than ever before, people are looking for organic clothes that are stylish but also affordable and so Eden Home has brought together this collection of organic clothing including organic shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters, dresses and more.

Why are so many people looking for organic clothing these days? We’re all beginning to realize the negative effects of chemicals, pesticides and toxins used today in growing and processing cotton and that as many as 2000 different chemicals are used in the textile industry! These chemicals are often left on the fabric and then transferred onto a person and absorbed through the skin.

Unfortunately, many of the so-called “organic” and “natural” products sold today are either not truly pure or not beautiful. And so Eden Home was created to offer the purity of organic without losing the beauty, whether a person is looking for organic clothing, bedding or home decor.

The Aventura Organic Clothing Company is a perfect addition to EdenHome’s site because this line of organic women’s clothing including organic women’s shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, sweaters and jackets, is not only pure and all natural but it’s also beautiful and stylish! The Aventura spring 2010 collection found on EdenHome.com includes black and khaki basics as well as bright floral prints and classic whites.

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