America’s First Solar Electric Shuttle

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That’s right, The Solar Electric Vehicle Company is offering their Solar Electric Shuttles for free to communities and institutions who qualify. The company wants to put as many solar-electric vehicles to use as possible. So how can a company just give solar powered vehicles away for free? The Solar Electric Vehicle Company is working with corporate sponsors, advertisers and local communities. While the profitability relies on having as many solar electric vehicles in use as possible, its success relies on the impact the solar electric vehicles will be able to make.

So how do these solar electric shuttles work? There are two solar panels on the top of the Solar Electric Vehicle Company’s Solar Electric People Mover. Each solar panel is designed to charge six 8 volt batteries, which is a 48 volt battery system The panel produces 60 volts to charge the 48 volt batteries. The panel produces up to 180 watts @ 60 volts, so a 3 amp continuous charge is produced from the panel when exposed to direct sunlight.

Solar Electric Vehicle Facts

1. No gas

2. No emissions

3. Free energy from the sun Not to mention, for every vehicle at any park, museum, garden, or zoo, there will be one less dirty, costly, petrol burning vehicle which keeps us dependent on foreign oil, and which keeps our economy inescapably tied to the price of a barrel of oil.

Just imagine if ever college campus, zoo, theme park, and Municipalities used these solar electric vehicles how much pollution could be prevented and how much energy could be saved!

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