Alpaca Clothing- It’s Green and Comfortable!

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alpacha_dress-1930577If you are looking for a way to wear your eco-friendly intentions on your sleeve, you should consider buying clothing or other items made with alpaca wool. Alpaca wool makes some of the most durable and soft garments known to man- it makes fine coats, sweaters, and even toys for children. Here, you’ll learn more about what makes alpaca a luxurious and environmentally friendly clothing choice.

Unlike other kinds of wool clothing, caring for alpaca garments involves absolutely no harsh chemicals. Wash them with mild soap (baby shampoo is ideal). They don’t need to be tumble dried or ironed, unlike cotton clothing- so they conserve electricity, too. All you have to do is hang the washed item on a drying rack, for wrinkle-free wear every time.

Alpaca clothes are also a great “green” choice because of how the wool is harvested. No animals are hurt during the process- they are sheared once per year. In fact, they are happy to get rid of that heavy winter coat. Alpaca clothing is warmer than regular wool, and it is very durable. Some alpaca pieces are handed down through generations. Whether you choose a jacket, a scarf, gloves, socks, or a sweater, alpaca wool is a warm, comfortable, and eco-savvy choice in clothing.

Check out PurelyAlpaca, Peruvian Link Co. and Alpacifica for Alpaca fiver clothing and accessories. The dress shown is the Sandra dress from Alpacifica.

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