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living-room-modern-300x224-1925957There have been a number of advances within the green industry as of late. More and more people, businesses and government entities are realizing the true value of investing in the movement towards sustainable resources. President Obama recently announced that he will make $2B available for renewable energy projects, in an effort to create green industry jobs and help provide clean power to homes. When such a large commitment from the President is made, it doesn’t take long for everyone to realize that the “green movement” is becoming more and more of a way of life rather than a fad.

One of the easiest ways to start yourself off on the path towards green living is to examine your own home. There are a number of items in your own home that deserve some attention if you want to improve the conditions around you and your family. Many people don’t know where to begin looking for change; the answer is quite often right under your nose.

For years traditional carpets have been manufactured in such a way that keeps them affordable, durable and effective as a soft surface flooring solution. What many people don’t realize is the impact that old, worn out and useless carpets have on the environment. The process used to make these carpets involves chemicals, dyes, toxins and raw materials that are not biodegradable, thus making them a huge burden to dispose of in a proper manner.

Most fiber used to make traditional carpets is synthetic and man-made in nature. This can lead to a product being placed in your home that is full of harmful toxins, which your family is exposed to on a daily basis. If you’re serious about all natural living, using products that are eco-friendly and want to help lessen your impact on the environment then it is time you considered all natural carpet.

All natural carpets are made from resources that occur naturally such as wool; traditional carpets are made of products from oil-based resources. These petroleum-based products continue to force us to rely on the use of energy and raw materials that are manmade, rather than utilize things that are already occur naturally on Earth.

Wool-based products, such as all natural carpet, are biodegradable and come from a naturally occurring source. Many of the “large” carpet manufactures are now turning to eco-friendly flooring solutions, as the mainstream base of consumers demands such items. No longer do consumers find it acceptable to purchase a product without doing their due diligence first. As healthy living and environmental awareness become more of a priority for Americans, so too will the focus on green living solutions.

A quick study of most homes across America will reveal that the indoor air quality is up to 5 times worse than the air outside (even in Metro areas). What does this tell us? That something in the average home is contributing to this poor air quality; the problem is often under your feet. This also helps to illustrate the need for more natural filters to help provide a better living standard for our families. Wool is a natural insulator and natural filter, which shows it to be a viable solution to help filter out some of the harmful toxins that contribute to poor air quality. Imagine all of the chemicals, dyes and toxins needed to make a traditional carpet look and feel the way it does. Now, think of the same “functional” and “fashionable” carpet that is made of all natural resources with no additives.

Which carpet do you want your children crawling around on? Which one do you think will help improve air quality in your home? Which one do you think will fill up a landfill when it’s time to be replaced? Make the right choice for you and your family: consider installing all natural carpet in your home as soon as possible.

Guest Blogger Bio- JT Watters is the founder of Floorganics, a manufacturer of all natural carpet. It is the firm belief of Floorganics that the use of 100% natural materials in carpet production will help change the world, one product at a time.

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